Pink Limos Useful Tips Guide

Useful Hints For Hiring A Pink Limo

Hiring a pink limo can be a great way to spice up a special occasion or night on the town! Pink limo hire can offer a convenient way for you and your party to travel between venues in style while saving you the hassle of flagging down several taxis or working around train and bus timetables. Hiring a pink limo might not be as expensive as you might think and, with a bit of forward planning, can be a very affordable way to travel safely in a group while having some fun! Here is our guide to getting the most from hiring a pink limo!

Book Your Pink Limo In Good Time!

Make sure you get the car that you want by booking ahead! Planning ahead and making a booking in advance gives you a better chance of getting your preferred limousine or party bus. The school prom season, typically the period from the start of June to the middle of July, is an execptionally busy time of the year for pink limo, party bus and chauffeur car operators so if your special occasion falls within these dates you would need to consider booking a few months ahead to avoid disappointment.

However, if you've arranged a last minute celebration then its always worth contacting pink limo operators to see if they've had a sudden cancellation - give it a try and you could be lucky!

Make Sure The Numbers Add Up!

All pink limos, party buses and chauffeur cars will be licensed for a maximum number of passengers per journey. Any responsible hire company will not compromise customer safety (and their insurance liability) by trying to squeeze more passengers in to their vehicles than that for which they are licensed. When you have found a limousine you'd like to hire its worth confirming the seat numbers with the operator prior to booking so you can be sure that everyone in your party gets to enjoy a ride! Pink limos and party buses vary in size so there will almost certainly be a car available to suit your travel needs!

Get Your Itinerary In Order!

When you book and pay a deposit for a pink limo journey you will need to confirm your travel plans with the operator in question. Most limousine companies will be flexible to your requirements and should be more than happy to arrange for collection from several addresses if needed. Typical hire packages can range from a 1 hour cruise to a full day or night's hire including rides between venues. Remember, any changes made to your plans after booking may incur a supplementary charge from the limousine company so its best to clarify your party plans before you book in order to minimise the chance of receiving any extra charges.

Finally - Enjoy Your Pink Limo Hire Experience But Behave!

Once aboard you'll want to open the champagne and put your favourite tunes on the stereo but don't forget to behave in a responsbile manner. A modern limousine, party bus or chauffeur car will be an expensive vehicle to purchase, license and maintain so any damage will need to be paid for (normally this will be the responsibility of the indvidual who makes the booking). This can include torn leather seats, spilt drinks, damage to the interior fittings and facilities and any residue left by passengers who've had too much to drink. You will be given some terms and conditions of hire at the time of booking so if you're in any doubt, reiterate these to the other members of your party!

Take all of these suggestions onboard and you'll have an experience you'll remember for a long time to come!

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Pink Limo Hire Tips Guide